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Hello Net friends. Thank you for using this reference page for the last 15 years. The amount of information out there on Japan is now far beyond what any reference page can keep track of! Links are current as of January 2011, some have been updated later than that.

This page lists English-language websites that provide substantive non-commercial information about specific aspects of Japanese culture and society. We only post pages that are particularly informed and engaging, with a few intriguing or unusual topics thrown in for seasoning.

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  The Launch Points section lists websites which provide extensive Japan links--enough to keep you surfing for a year and then some.

Geography & Maps


Japanese Media in English

  • Trends in Japan.
  • News On Japan, a new site that pulls together today's news articles about Japan from English-language news services.
  • Japan Times: Japan's main English language newspaper.
  • Yomiuri Newspaper
  • Mainichi Daily News
  • Asahi Daily News
  • Japan INC Communications', online news and articles about business and society.
  • Nipponia--Short, current essays on culture, everyday life.

  • Japan Focus An online journal with knowledgeable articles on economics, politics, social issues.
  • Global Communications : debates, position papers, and English-language press articles about current issues in Japan.
  • A list of Japanese live stream radio. Even if you don't understand Japanese, tune in and catch the mood, the music, the sound of non-classroom Japanese.
  • NHK Listen in on Japan's national radio and TV.


Agriculture, Rural Life

Urban Life


Life Cycle

  • Culture & Society: Short video commentaries on a range of cultural and social aspects of life in Japan by well-known scholars Ted Bestor and Helen Hardacre.
  • An interview with anthropologist Anne Allison about her study of motherhood in Japan.
  • Christian weddings are cool. More.


Business & Workplace

Leisure, Tourism, Consumerism

Japanese Language

Literature & Folklore

Arts & Fashions


Sports & Games


Launch Points

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