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Working with Conflict


The Mediator's Handbook 4th edition website:

Our mediation model: underlying assumptions and values
Taking part in a mediation: cultural patterns


Distributive Bargaining
Distributive Bargaining Strategies
Ethics in Negotiation
The Role of an Agent in Negotiations

Conflict Resolution Skills

Responding to Hostile Language
Conflict Approaches
5 Styles
Preparing to Confront

Culture at Work

What is Culture

What is "Culture"?
Metaphors for "Culture"
3 Metaphors we use in our Consulting Work
Create your own Metaphors
The Iceberg Metaphor
High and Low Context
Exercise 4: Culture "embodied"

Cross-Culture Exercises

Exercises in Cross-Cultural Interaction
Interpreting Cross-Cultural Incidents
Sample Observations
Exercise 2: Silent Day
Exercise 3: Work Interview
Exercise 4: Culture "embodied"

Culture in the Workplace

Ethnography of an Office
(Case Study)


Japanese Culture

Essential, Informed, & Intriguing Sites about Japan
(Japan Links page)

Japan: Core Cultural Concepts
Japanese Characters
Polite Fiction
Conflict & Control in Japan
Same or Different?

Workplace Culture(s)

The "competent" employee
The Life of a Salaryman
Apologizing to your customer: A Japanese perspective
(Case Study)

Training Issues in a US / Japan Joint Venture
(Case Study)


Sending and Receiving "Messages"

We need better communication around here.
Sending Messages
Perception in Communication
What is a sign?
Are signs real?
Redundancy and Convention


Nonverbal Communication in Negotiation
Is it lying?: a cross-cultural perspective

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How we can help your organization

JB Intercultural Consulting Services
Jennifer Beer -- Bio
Q & A: Jobs and careers

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Culture at WORK is edited and produced by business anthropologist and mediator Jennifer Beer, Ph.D., principal of JB Intercultural Consulting. Her independent consulting practice is located close to center city Philadelphia.

Whether you're looking for training, mediation services, advice in handling a cross-cultural conflict, or a facilitator for important meetings ... We welcome your inquiries, your comments, and your business.

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